Fimucité announces the films competing for the best original score

La Porta Rossa (The Red Door) in competition for Alex North Award.
Two Nominations:
Best Soundtrack for Film – Stefano Lentini, The Red Door
Best Song for Film – It’s Not Impossible (Stefano Lentini & Charlie Winston)


FIMUCINEMA, official competitive section of FIMUCITÉ (Tenerife International Film Music Festival), has announced the audiovisual works competing for the Alex North Award in a fiction feature film, in a documentary and in a short film.These pieces will be shown between September 23th and 28th. For this year’s call, FIMUCINEMA has received 1,261 submitted works ( 908 short films, 241 documentaries and 140 feature films). Spain, United States, Iran, India, Italy, Brazil, United Kingdom and France have mainly been the participating countries.

Two Italian films aspire to win the Alex Noth Award in best feature film: ‘La Porta Rossa’ and ‘Oltre la Linea Gialla’, a musical feature film inspired in the novel ‘High Fidelity’ by Nick Homby, and crowd-financed. ‘Rebellious Flower’ is an Indian production based on the life of guru Osho Rajneesh; ‘Release from Heaven’ is an Iranian animation film about war destruction and the importance of tales. Finally, ‘You Got to my Head’ is the debut as a director of Dimitri de Clerq, well-known producer for film makers such as Mathiru Kassovitz, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Raúl Ruiz and Ray Müller.