«Im Wald der Puppen» – Premiere – Hörspiel – SRF

A fantasy story by Swiss American American Stefan Bachmann, who wrote his first fantasy novel
– and the bestseller – “The Peculiar” at the age of 19.
“The Forest of the Dolls” is his first radio play, which he wrote for Radio SRF
with original soundtrack by Stefano Lentini.

Veronica, a young girl, has a great desire: she wants to turn the world into a more beautiful place. There are many poor people in the down, Victorian city where she lives. One day she finds a box with a fox. But it is not a normal fox. The fox can speak and fulfil wishes! Veronica still does not know that the fox belongs to the mighty Baroness Grimartha, who lives in the forest. The baroness has the whole town overgrown with forest to protect her dark figures, gloomy dolls, from the sun. The fox Ferdinand wants to be carried home as soon as possible by Veronica, back into the forest. But Veronica has other plans: She wants to help the poor! And since she now has a magical fox, the two of them conclude an agreement: the fox must do good, in return the girl brings the fox home. They meet Gilbert, who is now part of the party. Will the children be able to put an end to the hustle and bustle of the creepy doll creatures?

“The Forest of the Dools” will be aired on:
29.10.2017 19:00 – SRF 1
30.10.2017 19:00 – SRF 1
31.10.2017 19:00 – SRF 1
01.11.2017 19:00 – SRF 1

Written by Stefan Bachmann
Director: Elena Rutmann
Sound engineer: Franz Baumann , Ueli Karlen
Original Music: Stefano Lentini

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