Stabat Mater | 2017 Chinese Tour

Stefano’s new version of the Stabat Mater was performed by Luca Pincini (Cello) and Gildà Buttà (Piano) during the “OSCAR” 2017 Chinese Tour.
Stabat Mater was originally released for the film “The Grandmaster” by Wong Kar Wai, 2 Academy Awards Nominee.


Gilda Buttà is a piano player with an immense repertory and a eclectic personality, from many years now she collaborates frequently with Ennio Morricone, besides recording the original soundtracks, she also follows the production of cultured music, for piano and for chamber.
Luca Pincini was First Chair Cello of the Marchigiana Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1994 he covers the same role in the RAI National Symphonic Orchestra, maintaining the title until the year 2000 and later on, in stable until 2002, in the Theatre “La Fecine” of Venice.
In the mean while, always with the same qualification, he collaborates with the Symphony “Arturo Toscanini”, Theatre “Regio” of Turin, Theatre “Carlo Felice” of Genoa, Instrumental Group “Musica d’ Oggi” and “Roma Sinfonietta”, Chamber orchestra of “Santa Cecilia”, Symphonic Orchestra of Rome and of Lazio, “Opera” Theatre of Rome.